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Prepare to Be A wife

You were born a female but to become a wife you need to prepare.

Your marital journey as a single lady those not begin when you get married but rather it begins from the moment you embrace self discovery and growth because when you get married, it is not going to be about the planned ceremony the best wedding planner or you and your spouse could put up for yourselves and in display to others , it will be about the two individuals – singles, Whole and, seperate humans coming together with all they’ve Intentionally develop their imperfect selves to become (of course with the other factors such as situations/People who influenced them and whether or not their maker-God was permitted to be part of their lives) so they can cleave as one under the covenant of marriage .

So you see, you’re not to wait to become married while preparing for wedding , you’re rather supposed to prepare to be a wife so that the right man fit to be your husband will find you as a wife.

A Man can get wedded to a woman , A husband will get married to a wife.

Dear single lady, prepare, Be positioned to be a wife ,

in this book you will gain insights to having a fulfilling and not frustrating marital journey and experience as you grow from miss to Mrs.

More details to pre-order Will be shared on this space, watch out for it. You can also stay in touch by clicking on the contact menu to reach the Author.

I Care.🧑

Mariam david-A

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