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Hello great peopleπŸ™Œ

Here we go! live recording Podcast on Anchor.

The Youth With A Difference Conference Bootcamp Day2 Session 2 unplugged!πŸš€

Participants actively engaging in our community groups ,

if you couldn’t register before the deadline,

well here’s your benefit -the podcast.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: How to Start -Small-Online-Business-#003

Although only registered participants will be involved in the hands-on practical sessions.

🌟kindly brows=e through other recordings to catch up on the current class.

🌟also do well to , react to the podcast with πŸ‘ and leave a message in the community space (it’s linked to spotify),

and follow my podcast channel.

🌟Looking forward to your feedback here in the comments.

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I Care.🧑

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: How to Start -Small-Online-Business-#003

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  1. Your Brand Identity is fundamental and should be a reflection of your core values.

    It is beyond your professional sense of style , i.e topography, logo, color and mark etc..
    Download the PDF slide to know more about the brand identity tips share.

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